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Portland Metro Area Neighborhood Poker

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Welcome to PDX-POKER!

This is the information page for a Mailing List of Portland, OR residents interested in playing Neighborhood Poker on a regular, or irregular basis.  

Neighborhood Poker:

  • around the kitchen table,
  • bring a snack,
  • don't be the rent!

We keep the list SPAM FREE, so you can join without hesitation. 

The purpose of this list is to put you in touch with one another. If you're looking to play -- or in a game that is looking for players -- please make an announcement!

Some hosts understandably do not want to make an open invitation -- not knowing who is going to show? So expect to exchange some e-mail or make a friendly phone call before you get invited to someone's house to an established game.

Our mailing list is low-traffic. There usually is nothing happening unless someone announces a game. Just be patient.

Yes, neighborhood poker is legal in Oregon..
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